Monday, August 26, 2013


We had a great July.  A lot went on and Mary had a lot of fun!

First, we went to VEGAS for the annual AMCSI convention!
Of, course, we had THE BEST TIME EVER!

Mary was soooo excited on the plane.  She enjoyed seeing her friends and playing with them.  She loved swimming in the awesome pool and painting with Theresa!  She had a lot of fun making a new Scarman doll and showing off her mermaid dress during the Talent Show.  And that man you see in the photo - that is her Dr. who is helping get her legs ready to walk!!! :)

After 5 days in Las Vegas, we flew to Denver and spent time with my mom in the Rockies.  Mary earned her Jr. Ranger badge in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  She was pretty proud of herself!  She also dressed as Dorothy for a special performance of The Wizard of Oz.  We got to swim in another pool and Mary dozed off (She is so silly!) 

We went to the Rofftop Rodeo while visiting.  Mary got to experience a real Chuck Wagon!  Then, we saw the Mutton Bustin', Barrel Racing, Bull Riding and other events!  It was cool!
We had a great vacation!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did I mention that Mary is Home Schooled now?

Over the last few months, Mary has been home schooled.  As nervous as I was to take on this challenge, it has been a resounding success!  Mary is a more cooperative child who is interested in learning again.  I am less stressed since I do not have to work with her school.  We are a happier family!

Mary completed several projects during home school these last two months.  The ones she enjoyed the most were geography and science.  

Mary was a cartographer (mapmaker) and used the entire dining room table to map out our town.  She used blocks, colored paper, monopoly pieces, poster board, stickers, and markers.  Then she made a path to follow to get to a friend's house.  She had to remember (from taking walks in town) what and where buildings were and the names of streets.  Mary also learned about stop signs/lights and crosswalks.

Spring 2013 Home Schooling Activities!
Some of the other things Mary did this spring:
Math - Mary did math with checkers.  She is in the emergent adding stage.
Spelling - Mary works on spelling using her light board.
Science - Mary learned about birds (she was an ornithologist!) and can discuss their life cycles.  She learned about many different types of birds in many different habitats.
History - Mary studied US symbols and made her own flags.
ELA - Mary wrote a letter to her grandmother and drew her a picture, too! (shhh! don't tell - it's for her birthday!)
Reading - Mary loooooves to read and tries to have discussions about the books she reads.

I'm really proud of Mary.  I'm pretty impressed at how resilient she is!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blog Sprint from Sarah

Saturday Sprint |

Hi!  I am so excited to get Mary walking.  I don't know if it will every happen and am scared that my hopes are up, but I am very excited about it.  Mary recently got out of 2 months of serial casts on her legs.  She currently has KAFOs and her feet are finally facing the correct direction.

It took 7 pairs of casts and an achilles tenotomy in each ankle to get her looking this way, but isn't it grand?!
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vote for Mary!

Vote for Mary!  
Vote for Mary!

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding mobility options for people with disabilities. The organization promotes and supports members engaged in the modification of quality transportation and wheelchair accessible vehicles. Over 600 international members work to provide safe and reliable adapted transportation solutions to help build the road to independence. Transportation is the key to freedom and NMEDA is the key to quality transportation

Mary loves to get out and do all of her activities
Going riding, to church, the library and the museum.
She loves being a Girl Scout and having play-dates and going to camp!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mary is in grade 1 now

I know it has been a long time since I've blogged.  There has been a ton going on and I haven't been able to separate out what to share and what to keep to myself.
But I am going to try to do that now.
Mary is in first grade now and has a a nice teacher.  She is in Daisy Scouts and has some close friends.  Her little 'boyfriend' has been in the hospital, so we have been praying for him.  We are going to a new church and Mary is absolutely thriving there!  It is probably the highlight of her week!
She continues to use the DynaVox VMax for communication.  She is growing and gaining well!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fall Came and Went...

Well, it's the end of the year and I thought I should catch you up.
Mary has had an eventful autumn.  She turned 6 in October; became not one, but two different princesses for Halloween; had a short stay in the hospital for hypoglycemia; visited her aunt and uncle in NYC for Thanksgiving; and celebrated Christmas at home!
Mary had a Fresh Beat Band theme party and invited 8 friends.  They danced and partied and had a blast!  She was thrilled at getting to dress up in dance costumes and listen to Fresh Beat Band music.

Mary has several princess dresses, but she also got two new ones for her birthday.  She decided she wanted to wear one for the party on Saturday night and then wear the other for her school party on Halloween.  
Mary asked to get her face painted, but she only wanted a white triangle on her face.  
What a funny kid!  LOL

Princess Tiana

Mary and her Aunt Ellyde (whom she Adores!)

Playing her new toy with Uncle Darnell

 Thrilled with the Fresh Beat Band Concert at Carnegie Hall!