Tuesday, December 14, 2010

so much to share... so little time

Mary has been a busy girl and I have been a busy mom.  Sorry I haven't posted anything recently.  Holidays are upon us and Mary has been having some medical things. -nothing serious.  Mary had some MRIs and we are trying Botox on her salivary glands - no results yet, but I am hoping!  We also have an appointment in a motility clinic next month!  Yea!  Hopefully they can help her body move things along better. :)

In DynaVox news.... Mary has her switch mount and ear pillow for her wheelchair!  She can use it perfectly!!!! yeah!!!!!!  It was awesome - the minute it was put together for her, she understood.  And she is a little chatterbox!  At the doctors, she communicated well with the Dr. and then she asked me if I washed my hands after I used the bathroom.  (she's learned how to be fresh with it already)
At the Christmas party, she said, "Merry Christmas," and told me when she needed to go to the bathroom and when she wanted to get out of her chair.
Unfortunately - 2 things.
1. Mary is freezing her teachers out at school and crossing her arms instead of using the DynaVox when requested.
2. The DynaVox Mount that we requested was denied twice, so we have to go to 'fair hearing' to try to get it approved through the insurance.

Mary has also played dress up with Dora using her DynaVox to tell us which piece of clothing to put on Dora.  She wants a new dress up Dora for Christmas.  Mary and I played Candyland last night with a friend.  It was the first time Mary played and she was excited about it.  She used her DynaVox to choose to be the green piece.

Things are going well here.  We are getting buried in snow, but that is par for the course in Western NY!  :)