Friday, March 25, 2011

Bring Kirill Home

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Bring Kirill Home

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kindergarten Here We Come!

I was talking with my sister tonight and was reminded just how far Mary has come in the 15 months she has been home.  This is a picture of when she chose her own clothes.  I love having a 'girly girl!'
Mary has been approved for a sleep safe bed and I am very grateful.  She is continually challenging herself to get out of her bed at all hours of the night/morning to play!  Usually she aims with her head.  Now we are just waiting for a delivery date.
She did not like it when I went with her to school last week.  Mary refused to leave the house without crying until I told her we would go to Burger King.  (mind you - this is a kid who doesn't even eat by mouth)  So I got my lunch at Burger King, gave her the toy and, unfortunately for her, took her to school.  The moment we got to the classroom door, she burst into tears.  She knew I was staying because there wasn't a nurse available.  Once I promised her that I would let her hold the toy from Burger King during school, she stopped crying.  Mary does not like Mommy coming to school.  Mommy expects Mary to work hard.
Kindergarten registration is this week.  I am going to request that she have the one man teacher at our school!  I think she would do very well with a male influence.