Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fall Came and Went...

Well, it's the end of the year and I thought I should catch you up.
Mary has had an eventful autumn.  She turned 6 in October; became not one, but two different princesses for Halloween; had a short stay in the hospital for hypoglycemia; visited her aunt and uncle in NYC for Thanksgiving; and celebrated Christmas at home!
Mary had a Fresh Beat Band theme party and invited 8 friends.  They danced and partied and had a blast!  She was thrilled at getting to dress up in dance costumes and listen to Fresh Beat Band music.

Mary has several princess dresses, but she also got two new ones for her birthday.  She decided she wanted to wear one for the party on Saturday night and then wear the other for her school party on Halloween.  
Mary asked to get her face painted, but she only wanted a white triangle on her face.  
What a funny kid!  LOL

Princess Tiana

Mary and her Aunt Ellyde (whom she Adores!)

Playing her new toy with Uncle Darnell

 Thrilled with the Fresh Beat Band Concert at Carnegie Hall!