Thursday, December 31, 2009


Life is busy...
We are home and having fun, but busy every minute of the day. She loves all her new toys and is very good at playing. She will be happy playing all day long...
So far, she has been mine for 11 days. We have done a ton of things in that time. She enjoyed the plane ride home... but Mommy spilled her pediasure all over the plane. oops.
Getting her gobs of things home in the van was a challenge, but we made it. I immediately got a migraine as we drove home and collapsed on the floor with my little girl at home. She played as I recovered... nice welcome home, huh?
In addition, supplies were delivered. A million supplies - trach kits, humidifier, tubing, sterile water, suction catheters, oxygen, saline, nebulizer kits, HME devices, probably more that I can't think of...
The next day ten UPS boxes arrived from her adoption agency. This kid has more stuff than god! Toys, stuffed animals, supplies, clothes, pediasure, bath chair, more supplies, day braces, night braces, etc.
THEN... We left town for the holiday! (Yes, go ahead and say that I am crazy.) She was a great kid through everything... happy and social! She loved it and we bonded nicely even though we were constanly in new places and meeting new people.

Mary and her Aunt Ellyde on Christmas

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decided to go

I've decided to go.
The adoption paperwork and ICPC are done and completed.
The only thing holding us apart is state Medicaid transfer.
I'm planning on showing up on the agency doorstep later this month. If that doesn't get the gears moving, I don't know what will! I've let them know and I think (hope) they are preparing. I hope that paperwork has moved and plans are in motion. I hope that the foster mom has been told. I was told that we can have a meeting the first morning I am there. Her caseworker said that she was pleased about my decision.
This caseworker has been awesome! She has been very timely in all her work and so kind and professional on the phone. I have been very pleased.
I have my plane ticket, hotel and car reservation. One way or another, my little girl and I will be together for Christmas!