Monday, January 17, 2011

Wisconsin Winter

Mary had the best time visiting her 'cousin' Kaylee in Wisconsin.  Mary doesn't have any true cousins, so we call Kaylee her cousin.
Mary and Kaylee at the airport as we wait for all of our luggage to arrive.
After the airplane ride there, Mary was very excited to get down to visiting!  She used her DynaVox the most ever!!!!  She asked so many questions and said so many things!  It was amazing.  She asked who everyone was that was in the van with us - Matt, Debbie, Kristi, and Joan (and Kaylee).  Then she told about her Christmas presents and ask what people got for Christmas.  And she asked for some Christmas Carols.  We sang to her so she was stop talking for a while! LOL

Kaylee (2) and Mary (5) waiting to open presents
Mary and Kaylee get along real well.  They both like horses and they enjoy the spinning chair.  They played in the tent that was set up in the living room.  They both like Dora and played with Mary's new doll.  While it was nice weather, they played outside and had lots of fun!
sledding for the first time!

falling for the first time!

snow angel

examining the snow

Kaylee - sitting in the snow
Mary - sitting in the snow
loving this!!!!!
These girls would have played in the snow every day if the weather had cooperated.  Instead, they played horses a lot!
Kaylee's near-life-size pony
It was a real fun visit and we were sad to leave.  Fortunately, Kaylee and her family are planning a visit to our house in April!  We plan on a lot of fun!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

late xmas post

Life is way too busy for me to post things as they happen.  So I am going to go back and wish you all a belated Merry Christmas!
Mary was so excited to go on vacation for the holiday break!  Unfortunately, I made a major FAIL and did not prep her on what it means to visit people.  She understands staying in a hotel and driving to see people for the day, but staying in a new house overnight really threw her.  The last time Mary stayed in a new house overnight was when she moved home with me.  There was a lot of explaining to do when I realized this was upsetting to her.  After explaining that we were not moving and she was staying with Mommy and we were going to go home to her own bed after we were done visiting, she wound up having a great time!
Santa Mary

Making a snow angel