Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did I mention that Mary is Home Schooled now?

Over the last few months, Mary has been home schooled.  As nervous as I was to take on this challenge, it has been a resounding success!  Mary is a more cooperative child who is interested in learning again.  I am less stressed since I do not have to work with her school.  We are a happier family!

Mary completed several projects during home school these last two months.  The ones she enjoyed the most were geography and science.  

Mary was a cartographer (mapmaker) and used the entire dining room table to map out our town.  She used blocks, colored paper, monopoly pieces, poster board, stickers, and markers.  Then she made a path to follow to get to a friend's house.  She had to remember (from taking walks in town) what and where buildings were and the names of streets.  Mary also learned about stop signs/lights and crosswalks.

Spring 2013 Home Schooling Activities!
Some of the other things Mary did this spring:
Math - Mary did math with checkers.  She is in the emergent adding stage.
Spelling - Mary works on spelling using her light board.
Science - Mary learned about birds (she was an ornithologist!) and can discuss their life cycles.  She learned about many different types of birds in many different habitats.
History - Mary studied US symbols and made her own flags.
ELA - Mary wrote a letter to her grandmother and drew her a picture, too! (shhh! don't tell - it's for her birthday!)
Reading - Mary loooooves to read and tries to have discussions about the books she reads.

I'm really proud of Mary.  I'm pretty impressed at how resilient she is!