Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decided to go

I've decided to go.
The adoption paperwork and ICPC are done and completed.
The only thing holding us apart is state Medicaid transfer.
I'm planning on showing up on the agency doorstep later this month. If that doesn't get the gears moving, I don't know what will! I've let them know and I think (hope) they are preparing. I hope that paperwork has moved and plans are in motion. I hope that the foster mom has been told. I was told that we can have a meeting the first morning I am there. Her caseworker said that she was pleased about my decision.
This caseworker has been awesome! She has been very timely in all her work and so kind and professional on the phone. I have been very pleased.
I have my plane ticket, hotel and car reservation. One way or another, my little girl and I will be together for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! I hope it works out so I can fly down there. ;) :)

And yes, that case worker sounds amazing.

Just Breathe said...

Beautiful blessing. My prayers are with you.