Friday, August 27, 2010

Trip to NYC

Yes, I travel with my daughter.  By myself.  Why wouldn't I?  She is a little girl who likes to go places. And so do I!
We recently went to NYC for the day.  Yes.  FOR THE DAY.
We took an airplane (JetBlue is the best!) in the morning and came back at night.
on the airplane - very excited.  She go the window seat, of course!
It was a long day, but not a bad day.  There was a medical reason for the trip (unfortunately) but we managed to have a little fun, too.  It was Mary's first time in Manhattan.
She liked the subway, but wished she didn't have to sit in her stroller the whole time.
From JFK, we took the AirTrain to Jamaica Station where we took the E subway train into the city.  We got off at Union Square and found a park to play in!
Mary liked this swing in Union Square Park!
14th and 4th
We had our appointment (very loooong) and then made our way to the subway again.  We went to Times Square so Mary could see DORA up in lights!

Right on top of Toys R Us was the celebration of Dora's birthday and Mary got excited to go in and pick out her toy.
She chose a Dora guitar and has been playing music ever since!

Mary slept most of the way home - through the subway ride back to Jamaica Station, the AirTrain to JFK and through the plane ride.

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Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

Awesome! Of course now I feel guilty we didn't let A get a you when we were there. Lol!