Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctors and Labs

Mary is experiencing some odd lab work and visits to new specialists.  If you live near a pediatric motility specialist, please let me know about it.  There are only a few in the country.
I can't wait until we get her DynaVox VMax with the accessories so we can travel to the doctors appoinments with it and she can answer questions.  I tried to ask her about pain at an appoinment, and all she could do was laugh at me.  If we had her DynaVox, she could have at least answered yes/no or used her body parts page.  Another month and it should be here.
Mary has been having fun with friends before her school starts.  She had a playdate with a new friend and they played dress up.  She also went to the zoo with a friend and enjoyed the rhinos and playing in the animal playground equipment. 
Mary has been playing with her stuffed animals, too.  She recently saved her pony from Swiper the fox.

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Erin said...

love the pics! Especially mary and her friend in the turtle. Its always a good day when something is saved from swiper the fox. :-) Let me know how Mary is doing; I am thinking of you guys often.

Take care