Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fall

So what's been happening???
A lot.
Mary was insistent that I let HER decorate HER pumpkin for the town contest.  I couldn't help or give ideas... they were rejected.  Mary used her DynaVox to tell me that she was going to fingerpaint it and absolutely NO HELP was needed.

She is getting that way about a lot of things...
Her riding instructors have noticed....

Maybe that's why her horse keeps walking into walls.......
Mary has made so much improvement in her riding.  She can sit up for the entire lesson, holding her head up, keeping her back straight(ish) and her hips where they should be... She is riding a lot longer than when she started in April because not a lot of time is being spent repositioning her!  Too bad her mean mom is making her stop during the cold weather.  :s

Mary is 5 years old and very proud of that!  She had an awesome birthday party and 4 of her friends came.  The next day, she used her DynaVox to tell her classmates about her party. I am told she was super excited about it!
Mary and I have done a few fall activities this month and last.  We went to get some pumpkins and into two huge teepees.  They were real dark inside with lighted jack-o-lanterns - Mary thought it was cool!
We also went to Country Way Corn Maze which was awesome because there was a huge bale of hay for Mary to play in!  We also got another pumpkin and watched some duck races.  Mary played with a friend there, too.
 She is doing real fantastic things in school which I hope to post about later this weekend!

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She looks great on Elvis!