Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey Blog, How ya been?

Dear Blog,
I am sorry that I have been gone so long.  I have been very busy this spring.  After Easter, I got overwhelmed with work and motherhood.
I attended Mary's Mother Day's Tea at her school.  Mary and her classmates serenaded us with sweet songs and fed us treats.  They served us like we were queens and gave us pretty homemade place-mates, corsages and coasters.
Performing for Mother's Day Tea
Mary has had her best friend over to play several times.  Mary and Isabella have had fun playing puppies, bowling, and music.
At the end of May, we had to deal with a minor fracture of Mary's right tibia.  She has healed well.  She also started a new diet of some real foods, pureed/liquefied, through the g-tube.  It is going well.  Mary is getting more fruits and vegetables this way and is going to be getting more calcium and Vitamin D soon.  In other medical news, she has come off all of her sedating seizure medications!   She does take one drug to prevent seizures, but it is not sedating.  Mary is very healthy!
Last week was the "Pre-Kindergarten Grand Finale Class of 2024" and it was fantastic!  Mary was a bit shy and did better in the rehearsal than performance, but smiled on stage nicely.  She played the drum a little bit, too.  The kids sang frog songs and patriotic songs.  And the teachers announced them one by one and said what they were going to be when they grow up.  Mary wants to be a horseback rider.
Mary uses her DynaVox pretty well.  She still doesn't use on command from a teacher, but uses it for communication when she needs something or has a question.  Whenever we go to the doctor, Mary asks, "Will you look in my mouth?" and "Will I get a shot?"  Since she has had the power to talk about these worries, she has gotten a lot more cooperative with opening her mouth and not crying for the shot!  :)  GO MARY!
I hope all is well in the land of Blog.  I will try to update again soon.

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Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

That's SO great about the meds!!!!!!!

And I still laugh to myself about Mary asking you if you washed your hands after the bathroom! Lol!