Thursday, September 8, 2011

AMC Conference

In July, Mary and I attended the 6th Annual AMCSI Conference.  AMCSI stands for Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc. Arthrogryposis means joints that are crooked.  Multiplex means multiple.  Congenita means at birth.
This conference was so fun and we can't wait for next year!  This year, we traveled to Kansas City to meet Ani, Abby, Theresa, Lindsey, Luca, Gabby, Alayna, MinJee, Bonnie, Bev, Nathan, Jacob, Jen, Cheryl, Tracey, Dr. VB, Erica, Zak, Maggie, Jennifer, Deborah, Doris, Ward, Karen and so many more!
There were sessions for adults and for children.  I learned about blenderized diets for G-tubes.  Mary is now receiving a balanced diet of real foods instead of processed formula through her g-tube and she is much healthier because of this!  I also attended sessions on PT and orthopedics.  I learned different techniques for treating muscles and joints.  I was given the idea to do serial casting on Mary's legs to get her to bend at her knees.  She is going through this now and I am cautiously optimistic.
Some of the sessions Mary attended were the children's petting zoo.
She also participated in making something that all the kids participated in by painting with their feet.
Then Mary and all the attendees did Painting with Theresa.
Theresa is a professional artist who has AMC just like Mary!  Her website is
To see the group photo of the conference attendees and Mary is right in the front, go to

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