Thursday, October 8, 2009

things to do

There are lots of things to do before my daughter comes. She is medically fragile, so there are things that need to be done to the house and people to call to prepare for her arrival. I think I'd better make a list.

-get a phone jack put in her room (need to have access to 911)
-call the electric company (to notify them of a medically fragile person in house)
-arrange for a.m. snow removal (I can't be going out to do it!)
-find the appropriate special ed. preschool
-interview nurses for school
-interview night nurses
-get CPR certified (for real :p )
-interview the pediatrician

There is probably more. I just can't think of it at this moment.
+I should get some papers to enroll her in the public schools tomorrow.
+I have an appointment with the pediatrician next Friday.

so much to do! I hope she can come home soon!


Ter said...

I'm so glad things have worked out for you. :) I think it is inspiring that you're willing to take on a handicapped child. I am fully honest in saying I don't know if I could do that. (At least not right at this point in my life.) I'd be able to handle a deaf child (as I am too) but other than that I am not sure. So Kudos to you!

Aim said...

So impressed; I am sure that each one of you will bring so much love and joy to each others lives. When do you get to meet her?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your head must be spinning!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for voting for my cousin!