Wednesday, November 11, 2009

an adoption shower

I was really blessed this weekend to have some friends throw me an adoption shower. My friend, Lee, was super excited about this and she went all out! Cake, decorations, favors... the whole shebang! Here are some pictures from the event.

The little kids really enjoyed helping open presents for a child their own age! The boy even liked the princess towel! :P

Alicia -aka Yaya- made matching mother/daughter scarves and hats! They are wonderful!

I asked Onni to be my daughter's Godmother. Her response was yes!

My friend Donna made the cake and everyone like it. She does great cakes!

I think everyone had a nice time and I was so pleased to have the support of my friends.


Ter said...

So glad you had a great time! And a wonderful reason to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that was so cute how he kept wanting all the towels!! It was so nice to meet your friends and get together to celebrate you and M!!!!

Jeanne said...