Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sick of It

I am sick of a lot of things lately.  I don't know if I am sensitive because we are cooped up inside all winter or if I need a break from working or if I just need more sleep.  But people are driving me crazy.
I am sick of people telling me that my daughter shouldn't be in regular ed.
I am sick of deadlines and paperwork.
I am sick of waiting for phone calls and making phone calls.
I am sick of interviewing nurses and hoping they show up for their job.
I am sick of having a cluttered house.

Here is what I love:
I love that I can take Mary to get a special hair-do on Thursday.
I love that I am taking the summer off to spend time with her!
I love that my friends are visiting for a few days this month!
I love that Mary is going through a cuddly phase.

In the end, I guess I am pretty lucky.

1 comment:

Bugg's mama said...

Nice to meet you! I have a son with ACC, too....and some other stuff. Life can be pretty durn tricky sometimes, eh? But YEP, we are very lucky!

Love, Bree