Friday, April 22, 2011


I was watching TV tonight and put on what I thought was a safe show to be watching with Mary.  I am careful not to watch Law and Order or Criminal Minds or even House usually when she is around.  I have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 to watch, but I am waiting for a time when she isn't around (whenever that will be???).  I limit the shows I watch with violence and sex and swearing.  I know she takes it all in.  She has gotten into the show Glee, but I am (perhaps naively) believing that she is only loving it for the music.  I have caught her paying attention to General Hospital, but I think that runs in the family - I got hooked on it before I was in Kindergarten, too.  LOL

Here is what happened today.  I had The Waltons on TV.  The Waltons is an old 1970s show about a family living in the depression era.  It is a very safe show to watch as a family.  But this episode was the one where the youngest girl, Elisabeth, fell and broke both of her legs.  She also damaged nerves and went home with no feeling in her legs, using a wheelchair, with leg braces and crutches to drag her legs along.  There were many times in the episode that the phrase 'can't walk' was used.  At one point Elisabeth and her friend visit a holistic kind of lady who claims she can cure Elisabeth, but of course, she falls over.  The lady is yelling "walk" and Elisabeth is saying "I can't" and her friend is saying "She can't walk."  I look at Mary and Mary is practically in tears.

I think I traumatized my daughter with my TV choice.  We quickly turned it off and talked about how God gave Mary very nice legs and sometimes God gives legs that can walk and sometimes He gives legs that are for standing only or sitting in great wheelchairs.  We hugged for a long time.

And then we put on NickJR. for the rest of the night.

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