Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween... a bit late

Better late than Never?
Well, Halloween came to our house and we went to a party.
First, there was the decorating contest in the town.  Mary made sure she did her OWN work and not cheat like some others who obviously had their parents work on their pumpkins.  (I offered to help her, but she was adamant to do her pumpkin BY HERSELF!)  Mary stood in her stander and finger painted her pumpkin for the contest.  It was very original and beautiful. :)
 Mary's is the one next to the glittery cat.
Mary and I met some friends for the corn maze a few weeks ago.  It was a sunny, but cold day.  We had a nice time.  I posted about this here.  Mary also got to ride on a cow train and everyone said 'moo' the whole ride. 
hi mom!

We got our pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern at the Country Way, where the corn maze was held.  We (I) worked hard on the pumpkin while Mary did a good job supervising from her pony walker.  She was very proud of the the Jack-O-Lantern, but not interested in getting the goopy stuff on her hands! 

Mary was pretty excited to look at it at nighttime, too!
Mary dressed as Dora the Explorer for Halloween this year.  She adores Dora.  She has 2 Dora dolls and a bunch of other characters and several toys and movies.  Mary thinks it is a thrill to wear her Dora jammies to bed!  So I though it was fitting to allow her to be her beloved Dora for Halloween (even if I, myself, am not her biggest fan.)
Mary loved wearing her Dora mask.  At first she was leery of it, but she insisted on wearing it the entire parade at school.  We added Boots the monkey, Benny the bull, Backpack and Swiper the fox to her wheelchair.

Mary and I went to the church Halloween Party and Haunted house.  The best parts for Mary were the ghost bowling that she is playing in the pictures above and the indoor haunted house.  She loved the flashing lights and everyone saying BOO in the dark!!
During the day, we met my friend and her son at Starbucks and had to have a picture.


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Holli (and Mark) said...

Mary's smile is priceless!!!!! You can't help but smile back seeing her!